For over a year I served as the Production Audio Engineer for the Park Avenue Armory. The 55,000-square-foot Wade Thompson Drill Hall, with an 80-foot-high barrel vaulted roof, is one of the largest unobstructed spaces in New York City. This venue allowed for the realization of large-scale productions that are unable to be produced in traditional New York City venues. 


I also served as the Production Audio Engineer for the Second Stage - Tony Kiser Theater. An off-Broadway theater that produces new plays, musicals and revival productions in an intimate setting. 


Measure for Measure
By William Shakespeare and Elevator Repair Service

I've worked as a Production Audio Engineer and Mix Engineer on productions with many theatre companies.

The above are a selection of my favorite productions to date. I've worked at many historic New York theaters such as: Cherry Lane Theater, Minetta Lane Theater, The Public Theater, Signature Theater Playwright's Horizons and Roundabout Theater.

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